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How Money is Earned in Secondary Housing
Note: As of 2005, this site is no longer active for sales and marketing.  However, the information written on these web pages is still an accurate and reliable guideline to acquire manufactured housing in the United States. 


Investors are earning up to 100% or more using Short-Term Contracts...and realizing significant returns by taking advantage of additional opportunities in the manufactured housing market. For example: You can earn....
  40% to 45% with.."Cash-Out" Acquisitions...
    9% to 25% with..3-7 Year Installment Contracts...
    9% to 15% with.. Land Home Packages...
200% or more on.... Long-Term Rentals...
Plus.. your earnings are fixed and do not fluctuate. How? Why? and Where? We will answer How first.  You can increase your earnings by taking advantage of the Secondary Housing Market. 
Why are your returns so high and consistent? Because the financing and acquisition side of the manufactured housing industry has imploded. 
Where do you go?  Advantage Housing. You can join the select few that are realizing significant returns on their invested dollars by taking advantage of this rapidly expanding market.  However, these earnings and this market will not last long.  That's why the time to act is now.
Naturally, if I had all the money I needed for investment purposes, I would be buying everything I can, just as fast as I could.  I would not have these websites or pages, nor would I be talking to the general public. This market is just that good.
It is now, November 2002, these income opportunities will not last beyond 3 years. Since I don't have all the money I need, nor can I borrow all I need, I am willing to work with you. By adopting this atitude, we both win. The real key to earning above average returns in secondary housing is understanding contacts.
Taking Advantage of Contracts
Short-term Contracts  (commonly called Purchase Contracts) and "Cash-Out" Acquisitions are providing investors in the secondary housing market with some of the highest rates of return in shorter periods of time than most well known and highly publicized investment instruments. Plus, your expected earnings are far more stable and predictable....
When you are advised and assisted by Advantage Housing, all your Short-Term Contracts will have approved buyers and lenders ready to complete the investor-buyer-lender process. This process generally takes 90 days or less. On some selected units, your return on investment (ROI) can equal or exceed 100%....
"Cash-Out" Acquisitions of $7,000.00 or less are currently returning 40%-45% in a few weeks. Gains on 3-7 Year Installment Contracts can equal or exceed 70%....
Interest earnings on Land Home Packages can equal or exceed 50% and long-term rental income from "Buy-To-Rent" single section units can equal or exceed you can surmise, tremendous values exist for the astute investor.
Examine the Opportunity
Click on the links at this web site to continue exposing your intellect to the potential earnings that exist in the secondary housing market....then return here and contact us....
Contact Information
You can no longer contact us because Advantage Housing™ is now defunct.  However, the information on this website is still valid. You can still email us for information by using this link. 
Advantage Housing . 1580 Five Chop Rd . Orangeburg SC 29116
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