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Internet Assets You Will Need
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Internet Assets You Will Need To Earn Money Online
The Right Tools
Regardless of which business format you choose to operate, you are going to need some online assets.  This information was briefly covered at our main sponsoring website in Opportunity Showcase I
Some of the material included in this section will be a repeat of what you have already seen.  You will need a variety of online and offline assets to assemble a good Wealth Building team.
If you are going to operate a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation, the website provided by the company is probably all you will need.  If the company does not provide a website, you will need the same basic online assets as an Internet Based Business or Business Group.
If you are going to establish an Internet Based Business Group offering more than one opportunity, or the company you joined does not provide a website, you will need:
1.  A Domain Name.
2.  To registration your Domain Name.
3.  A Business Website.
4.  A Hosting Company.  
There are literally hundreds of companies on the Internet that will allow you to select and register a Domain Name.  A Domain Name is your Worldwide Web or Internet identification or address.  It is usually preceded by www, followed by a dot(.), then your Name/Business Name followed by a dot(.), and a Domain such as, biz, com, org, tv, us, ws, etc. 
Collectively, this information tells an Internet browser how to find your location in the Domain.  A Domain is no more or less than an individual, or groups of individuals that are authorized or licensed to own and operate an electronic network of computerized information systems and equipment. 
Your Domain Name can be long or short and it can actually tell the general public what you have to offer; such as  Our Domain Name lets the public know we are a marketing company or organization.
Your Domain Name may not be associated with a website in the beginning.  A website is an electronic page/s written in code.  The most widely used code is html.  These codes are electronic signals that transform machine language in to ordinary text, artwork, pictures, photos, graphics, etc.  In order to have an electronic web page/s that can be used as a website, you will need to use a website builder or a computer program that writes in html code.
If you don't want to construct your web page/s yourself, you can use a professional service that will construct and write your web page/s for you.  Constuction usually involves selecting a page design, layout, artwork, graphics, photos and, in some cases, audio visual aids.  These electronic pages are actually electronic files.  Collectively, these files are called your website.  Whether written by you, or a professional service, when these page/s are completed, they become your Business Website.
If you have selected an Internet Based Business Group as the means to increase your income.  Your Business Website should include some basic information about you, what you are offering, why it would be beneficial to take advantage of the income opportunities you offer, and why it is important for an individual to work with you.
Your Business Website should be as attractive as possible and include links, banners, or buttons to your income opportunities.  A link is written text that will take you to website.  A banner or button is usually measured in pixels and they are much larger than links or buttons.  They will also take you to a website.  Unlike regular text, banners and buttons can be adorned with all sorts of eye-catching animation, from flashing lights to moving objects.
After your Domain Name has been selected and registered and your Business Website completed, you will need to find a Hosting Company. Many Hosting Companies have complete service packages.  They can register your Domain Name, give you access to a website builder or professional website building services, and provide ongoing technical support.  
A Hosting Company takes your web pages or electronic files and places them on their server.  After placement, you and the general public can access your Business Website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  In many cases, your Hosting Company will provide additional services; such as email, cgi, cgi-bin, php, clickthru, or mirroring.
As with everything on the Internet, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to go for opportunities, services, products and information.  This Warehouse is limited to our research and what we have discovered to date. 
You can do your own search for a Hosting Company that will meet your needs, or take advantage of the hosting companies we provide in the Warehouse.  There are also free hosting services that are available if you don't mind an ad or two on your website, popups, popunders, popovers or redirect messages streamimg across the top of your web page/s.  If this is not a problem, go to the following online companies.  Upgrades are also available.
Unless your website is primarily for family and friends, websites that are hosted for free are rarely as effective as those that are not.  We recommend selecting a Hosting Company and website builder that are also an income opportunity, that's why we recommend Global Domains.  We also have links to additional hosting services below.
If you want to build your website independently, you can choose one of the services below.  As always, feel free to do your own research.  If you haven't done so already, click on the following links, examine the services for suitability, and return here.

Quite naturally, if these Hosting Companies and/or online services do not or can not meet your particular need/s, then we recommend OLM.Net, the server and Hosting Company we are using now.  You can examine their services now if you like, just click on this link

Online Financial Assets You Will Need

This information was also covered at our main sponsoring website in the Opportunity Showcase.  Some of this information will be a repeat of what you have already seen.  In order to do business on the Internet, you will need a credit card, checking or savings account, or a debit card. 
If you can't get a debit card from your bank, get one from Procard International, one of the opportunities in the Opportunity ShowcaseYou can earn good income by helping others take advantage of this online service.  The reason you will need one or more of these financial assets is because 99% of the income opportunities on the web do not accept personal checks or money orders.
In addition, with many online opportunities, you will need to have an account with  an online payment service such as Alert Pay, e-gold or PayPal.  There are even some online opportunities that require you to have an account with an online payment service in order to get paid. 
If you have not signed up with one of these online payment services, please sign up now.  Since sign up is with many is FREE, you might as well join all the ones that are FREE.  The most wildly used online services are listed below.  Click on the pay service, go to the website, sign up, and return here.

Sales, Marketing, Sponsoring, Or Recruiting Online Assets

Whether you are selling, marketing, sponsoring or recruiting offline, you are going to need the names, addresses, and phone numbers of potential, buyers or prospects.  Online, you are going to need email addresses.  Years ago, acquiring email addresses was simple, easy, and extremely inexpensive.  This is not the case today. 
In fact, spam filters will block most of your emails to potential prospects.  If you send unsolicited emails, you will be guilty of spamming.  IMG.Ws and every reputable company on the Internet have a zero tolerance for spamming.  Absolutely do not send unsolicited emails to anyone. 
Since your need to contact potential customers or prospects is ongoing, you need to take advantage of opt-in-list services.  An opt-in-list is a group of people actively looking for information concerning products, services, or income opportunities.  We have provided a number of these companies for you in Opportunity Showcase II.  Our goal is to help you increase your income by every possible means or method.  Therefore, we look for useful services or products that are also income opportunities. 
If an opportunity to earn income is not present, and the product or service will benefit our Associates, we include in it our Showcases anyway.  As far as possible, use services or purchase products that will help you increase your income.  Additional information concerning advertising sources and other useful methods to get your message in front of buyers or prospects is in the information bin entitled:  How to Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly.

Help Us Serve You Better
Thank you for choosing IMG.Ws as your sponsor.  If there is a topic or subject you would like IMG.Ws to investigate, discuss, and add to the Information Warehouse, please mail a postcard with your request to:
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Please Note:  The information in this module can change without notice.

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