The Incredible Home Business
The Incredible Home Business
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The Incredible Home Business
If you can do these 5 activities in succession:
Open your mouth and speak.
Ask a relevant question.
Wait for an answer.
Repeat another simple sentence.
Hand a pre-qualified person your business card or brochure
You Can Earn Part Time Income!

How Good Is Our
 "Incredible Home Business" If You Work?
  • First...It's a genuine global business opportunity.
  • It sells better than cars, songs, movies, HYIPs, health products, cosmetics, Internet junk programs or anything else you are trying to promote.
  • You can earn thousands monthly if you are in a large organization.
  • It already earns hundreds of billions of dollars annually.
  • 99% of the people seeing this web page already own or have access to one..
  • With our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY Sales and Marketing Method, the courageous can earn money... including you, if you open your mouth and talk.
  • Right now, you and everyone you know are probably not earning a dime from it.
  • It's one of the most wanted and needed product and service in the world.
  • Every business, government, institution and most individuals can't operate effectively or efficiently without it..
  • And...I'll bet...that includes you.... 
  • How big is your potential market? 
  • Over 90% of the people that use it, swear they can't live or operate without it.  Plus, millions of new prospects come into the market every year already owning the product and the business.
With a product you already own, a business you already have....
Coupled with money saving services that Cognigen can provide...
And our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY Sales and Marketing Method... 
You Can Earn Part Time Income!
Image this: "Bill, that's a nice cell phone you got there. How much money are you making with it?"  The Answer:  "None" (99% of all cell phone users or owners aren't earning a dime with their phones).  " this {give Bill your business card or brochure} to later."  Your business card or brochure does all the selling.
The Right People Only
Sales And Marketing Method
That brief exchange between Bill and you, in the previous segment, is the whole sales talk.  If you can't say it with a question and a're talking too much.  Your business card or brochure does all the selling.  Your only role, function and responsibility is to give it to the RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY...and that's it.  We qualify the people for you. 
There are a lot of reasons why people fail in home businesses and in Internet sales, marketing and recruiting. The primary reason has nothing to do with training, support systems, products, services or the market environment. Over 95% of all the people involved in home businesses fail because they spend most of their time, money and effort chasing the WRONG PEOPLE.
Our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY sales and marketing method pre-qualifies people for you. However, you still need enough personal courage to ask a question, say a sentence and give them your business card or brochure.  If you have the heart and soul to do this, you can earn monthly income.
This opportunity is not for the timid, lazy, cowardly, faint hearted, egocentric, status conscious, self-conscious, undisciplined, those wanting great rewards for little or no effort, the fearful or anyone who is comfortable hiding out on the Internet.  These people are the WRONG PEOPLE for us or any income opportunity beyond a 9-5, get-rich-quick-scheme, overnight millions or Internet junk programs.  These aren't bad people.  In fact, the vast majority are decent, honest people.  They are just the WRONG PEOPLE for us and you.
This doesn't mean that one or two people can't succeed with some of this stuff circulating on the Net.  The odds are stacked against the vast majority.  The vast majority, if you didn't know know it now.  That's the group you are in. That's why the failure rate is over 98%.  And...if you have any one of the above mentioned character traits, you won't earn any real money with us...or any other program, unless you are willing to grow and change.  There is no such reality as something for nothing and no pies float in the sky.
In 6,000 years of recorded history no lazy, cowardly, fainted hearted, timid, or fearful person has ever amassed great wealth or ever had any great accomplishment.  Internet Gurus rob the masses blind, by deceiving them, and perhaps you, that you can do little or nothing and amass great wealth.  It is not going happen least not on planet earth.  You are going to have to work, discipline yourself and find the courage from somewhere to succeed.
This can not be over emphazised:  If you have enough courage to say, "Man/Girl that's a nice phone.  How much money are you making with it?" and then say, "Read this.  Talk to you later" [while handing them your business card or brochure] you can earn money every monthChecks are mailed after your business is confirmed.
Now for the faint hearted:  We don't mind you spending your time, money and effort chasing the WRONG PEOPLE; hiding out on the Net, or waiting for your Internet ship or whatever ship you got sailing out there to come in.  All this means is more money for us.  And...who knows...your ship just might come in someday.  Just maybe... Joe Guru's latest Internet Marketing Secrets Thriller might get you a million signups.  Who...Knows???
However, while you are checking out your latest opt-in list and loading up the automailer, you need to understand this reality of business, sales & marketing and sponsoring & recruiting, everybody is not going to buy your product, use your service or signup in your program... That's not going to happen either.  Our method increases the probability that more people will.
If you want this program to start working for you, click here and signup.
Once we know you are in our group, we will send you further instructions.  You can learn the RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY sales and marketing method in 20 minutes or less.   Then.... Never Forget It.... And.... Always Use It!

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