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Increasing Subscription Sales & Earning Income
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Increasing Subscription Sales & Earning Income
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Increasing Subscription Sales & Earning Income
Never Forget! Sales Is A Nmbers Business
What we are actually marketing and offering is the Dish Network Satellite Subscription Service. The satellite system is free.  Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you understand that subscription sales and recruiting is a business of numbers.  Our role and function is to give away as many FREE Satellite TV Systems as we can and offer our income opportunity to as many people as we can. If what we have to offer is so good, and it is... and our opportunity so great.... and it is.... why would we hesitate?... and not fullfil our role and function?  
Why would we not want to help families save money or increase their income?  The more qualified people we see or contact, the more advertising and promotion we do,the more The Law of Large Numbers works for us.  Understanding how to organize and develop anEnterprise Zone and how to use your ratios will dramatically improve your effectiveness.  
Improving your proficiency increases your income. Your Ratios are totally dependent on the size of your zone.  And... You determine how big your Enterprise Zone will be.  A Ratio is no more or less than an activity expressed as a mathematical relationship. 
The Ratios you want to keep up with are:
Contacts to Suspects:  Contacts are the people you actually talk to about the Dish Nework Satellite Subscription Service; which starts at $19.99 a month, and the VMC Satellite Opportunity.  If you have a website, your contacts are hits on your web page/s; but, you may never know who these people are. 
Suspects are people that have expressed an interest in the Free Satellite TV System and the $19.99 subscription service or the VMC Satellite Income Opportunity.  At this point you don't know whether they are qualified buyers or qualified potential distributors.
Suspects to Prospects:  A Prospect is a qualified buyer or potential distributor. The more Prospects you find, the more subscriptions you sell and the bigger your distribution network becomes.
Prospects to Sales or Recruits:  A Sale is a person that has actually subscribed to the Dish Network's service, and a Recruit is a new distributor in your downline.
Keeping up with these Ratios will let you know how effective your Market Development strategies or activities are working.  Discard ineffective strategies and expand the ones that are producing results.
Your zone starts from where you are located and extends outward as far as you like.  Normally, an Enterprise Zone is expressed in square miles or miles per radius.  As a VMC Satellite Distributor, your initial zone could be 100 square miles from your home, or a 50 mile radius around your home.  Systematically and methodically work your zone, until you have exhausted its potential to deliver customers or distributors, then you expand it or establish another zone.
The earning potential that is contained in an Enterprise Zone is dependent upon the product, service or income opportunity that is being offered. The higher the price, the fewer the prospects. The lower the price, the greater the number of potential prospects.  Some products like televisions, ceiling fans, candles, or phones, etc., will allow you to place more than one in a household.  Others like security services, water purification systems, workout equipment, or vacuum cleaners, generally, only one can be placed successfully.
As a VMC Satellite Distributor, our subscription service is usually limited to one per household.  However, you can offer the VMC Satellite Opportunity to as many people as you like.  The more distributors you get per household, the bigger your effective market can become.
The Internet allows you to overcome physical and geographical limitations and expand to anywhere in the industrialized world.  However, the size of the Internet community as an Enterprise Zone can be very misleading.  It is estimated that there may be 200 million to 800 million web addresses.  Unfortunately, many of these people are not potential prospects for the Dish Network's subscription service. 
However, they may be potential prospects for your opportunity.  You must always remember millions of people with Internet access live in countries that are unstable and unreliable politically or economically.  These factors dramatically reduce your overall Market potential. 
Therefore, in lieu of these realities, if you are using the Internet to recruit abroad, it is best to establish your Enterprise Zone in the larger cities, and then get as much out of the smaller cities and communities as you can.  The important thing to remember is work your zone until you have exhausted its earning or recruiting potential.
Neighbor Canvassing & Increasing Your Income
The major key to your success as a VMC Satellite Distributor is you.  A slight adjustment in your attitude, concepts, reality structure or mind-set, can change your life and income significantly.  You are the man or woman in charge of your own mind, so why not take charge and control this invaluable asset?  Use your mind wisely and think clearly. 
The absolute best way to get everything out there that is rightfully yours, is to change your concept of self.  
Why not try seeing yourself as a Gold Miner or Pearl Hunter?   As a Gold Miner, behind every door is a gold mine.  This mine can be filled with ordinary rocks or gold nuggets.  The only way to know for sure is open the door, go into the mine and find out. 
As a Pearl Hunter, every door is an oyster and inside the oyster is a valuable pearl or sand.  The only way to find out for sure is to open the oyster.  You can apply these same conceptualizations to people.  Either; they have something to offer that will be worthwhile or mutually beneficial; such as gold nuggets or pearls, or nothing at all.  This does not mean they are bad people.  They are just not the right people for what you want to want and need the right people.
No one builds a major corporation or anything worthwhile with just anyone off the street.  Just anyone off the street may be a good employee or worker, but these individuals can not help you build a major business enterprise.  Every now and then you can get lucky.   However, for the vast majority, luck is not an option.  
Every business, organization, association, community, town, city, state or nation must have the right people and the best people they can find for every skilled position.  This is how it works.  You must view your distributorship through the same discerning eyes.
As a Pearl Hunter or Gold Miner your discerning eyes are looking for households that don't have satellite tv or cable, that subscribe to a cable service, or has a satellite service from one our competitors.  The best way to find these households is by Neighborhood Canvassing.  Now, we are going to stop right here.
There is a reason for this:  In order to do this successfully you must have the right tools, equipment, proper attire and operate within the laws, codes, regulations or ordinances of your particular community, town or city. 
VMC Satellite already knows this and they already have what you need.  In fact, you may have the tools already but just didn't realize how to use them.  If you don't have them, everytime you log into your Affiliate Office, you see what you need on your left.  These tools will explode your income when used properly in the right market development campaign. 
As a matter of fact, click here and use our VMC Splash Page to log into your Affiliate Office.  Look to your left and examine the items on the menu.  Look for every item you can use offline. 
With all the support services and items VMC Satellite can provide to develop markets offline, why do think these are the only ones you have access to?  The reason:  VMC already knows these tools work, we know they work, now you are about to find out how well they work also.  Well, you ask:  Why don't you have this information in the Warehouse?  For 3 reasons:
First:  No one has requested it.
Second:  90% of the information in the Warehouse was written years ago when we were involved in another aspect of our business.  However; rest assured, it will be included.
Finally:  It was only recently that all VMC Satellite Distributors listed at our VMC Affiliate Office were upgraded to Associates.  In addition, we have decided that all future VMC Distributors listed at our Affiliate VMC Office will be officially designated as Associates, contacted, given access to the Warehouse and provided a support system.
We know our neighborhood canvassing system works.  During our first week as VMC Satellite Distributors we had to turn down $5,000.00 in business because people didn't have credit or debit cards.  At the time, we didn't know this.  So we called VMC's home office to see what could be done about these customers.  That's when we discovered and learned how to market our services the right way.
Because, our canvassing methods are involved and require our distributors to take certain steps, we can only provide a broad overview at this website.  Since local laws are different, we must discuss the details with you individually.  We don't know your community, town, or city.  We need information from you concerning local laws, codes, regulations, licensing requirements (if any) and ordinances. 
Once we have this information from you, we can give you accurate directions as to how to canvass effectively.  You may need to do something entirely different in order to increase your income and experience success were you are located.  Just send us an email requesting more information about Neighborhood Canvassing. 

Important Notice:
This website (and the web pages it contains) is written specifically for VMC Satellite Distributors and not intended for public use or display.  If you have arrived here by any means, other than being invited by a VMC Satellite Distributor, you are welcome to stay.  Even though the information at this site is not meant for you, you might find it useful.  You might even be interested in one or both of our offers below.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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