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Integrated Economics & Wealth Building
The Importance Of Finding Like-Minded People
If you can use an extra $100.00, $500.00 a month or more, you made the right choice.  When you became a Reality Networker, you automa- tically joined our Wealth Building Team. Integrated Economics is the concept, method and system.  Wealth Building is the practical applica- tion that makes it happen.  
Wealth Building is designed to increase your earning capacity without interferring with your current source of income.  By using Integrated Economic principles, and the Wealth Building format, you can earn more money without leaving your present occupation, and in some cases without leaving home.
Surely, you must know people in your family or community that are tired of being in debt, need additional income, or just want to have a better lifestyle for themselves and their family.  Integrated Economics and Wealth Building can help these people.  Wealth Building will work for anyone that has a sincere and honest desire to earn more money. 
Your Wealth Building team members are committed income earners that are firmly committed and dedicated to your financial success.  Wealth Building is different from any other format you have been exposed to for 3 reasons: 
First:  Wealth Building is used to compliment and supplement your existing income stream. 
Second:  Wealth Building is a Collective Enterprise.  Therefore, you don't have to work alone.
Finally:  Wealth Building is the only part time opportunity format that will work effectively with the Integrated Economics concept and operational philosophy of finding a duplicatable system that is already working and plugging people into it.
As a Reality Networker you now have in your possession a duplicatable system that is already working. 
  • Your objective is to help like-minded others that need additional income plug into your system. 
  • Your workable method is opening your mouth and talking to people that have a similar or the same mind-set. 
  • Your simple strategy is sharing information with as many like-minded others as possible. 
  • Your purpose for engaging in this activity is to increase your income by building a team of committed like-minded income earners. This helps you earn more money and it helps them. 
Whenever you assemble a team, you are involved in a Collective Enterprise, which is another key element of Integrated Economics. 
Collective Enterprise is the fastest and the most cost effective method by which human beings, and that includes you, can succeed in worthwhile endeavors in the shortest possible period of time.
IMG.Ws defines Collective Enterprise as a group of like-minded people working together for a common cause or to reach a common goal.  The entire universe is essentially a Collective Enterprise.  This planet we live on, nature, the vast majority of the people in your nation, state, or province have formed all kinds of Collective Enterprises.   
From governments to scouting, and everything you can think of in between, and finally, your own body is essentially a Collective Enterprise.  Collective Enterprise increases its efficiency, proficiency and potentcy when it's organized, properly managed, directed and focused.
Whenever a well prepared and focused like-minded team vs an individual, the team wins.  Organized Collective Enterprise always works better and is more productive than individual effort.  Organized Collective Enterprise is the key concept behind "Powerleg" marketing.  "Powerleg" marketing puts everybody in one leg.  With this process, stronger ones help weaker ones.  Hence, everyone involved benefits.  
The bottom line is Collective Enterprise works and it will work for you.  In fact, it is already working for you.  If you haven't realized it by now, employers do not, as a rule, buy time and services from people they do not need.  If you ever had regular employment, your employer paid for your time and service because what you were doing was necessary.  Any commercial business or institution is a Wealth Building enterprise.
Understanding Wealth Building  


You are building wealth right now if you are currently employed, either for self, or in the service of another.  Because you are actively participating in the process you can take home a paycheck.  Our program works the same way.  The key words are "actively participating". 

Your role as a Reality Networker is to find 5 like-minded that would like to earn as much money as possible. Then help them do the same. This activity expands what you are already doing to include other productive enterprises so you can earn more money.  The people you help accomplish this objective become your team members.  The more enterprises you put into position, the more income streams you generate, the more financially secure you become.

The best way to understand Wealth Building is to think in terms of income streams.  All streams, natural or man made, have an origination source.  Since we are talking about money, there are only 7 origination sources to get money; you print it, mint it, steal it, have some one give it to you, borrow it, invest to get it, earn it from Productive Enterprise.

Wealth Building limits it's sources to investing to get it and productive enterprise. Investing to get more money requires discretionary income or capital.  Productive Enterprise covers anything and everything that will allow you to earn more money.  The most common, accessible, and easiest Productive Enterprise that anyone of legal age can participate in is selling a product, service or information
You are already selling your time and service to your employer to earn a living.  Wealth Building expands what you are already doing to include other products and/or services that have value.  This not only allows you and others to benefit by using the product or service, you will also earn income. 
Unless you are actively participating in a Wealth Building process, it is virtually impossibe to earn any real money.  Every other process, be it government subsidy or charity, is extremely limited and limiting.
The only problem with the Wealth Building process millions are involved in is they are virtually broke after they pay their bills.  These people need to expand their Wealth Building activities to include a part time venture/s.  By doing this they won't have to live from paycheck to paycheck, or be one paycheck away from bankruptcy. 
The most important aspect of being a Reality Networker and assembling a Wealth Building team is you can continue earning income, from your efforts and the efforts of your team members even if you become unemployed or unemployable.
Unlike employment which limits Wealth Building capacity, joining a Wealth Building team that is actively participating in the Wealth Bulding process, can greatly increase the earning capacity of your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers or anyone else you know.  Earning money by this means is far easier than what they are probably doing now.
All you have to do is invite like-minded people to your website or participate in a conference call.  Giving the like-minded people you know or their referrals useful and beneficial information is the service you are providing in exchange for the income you will be receiving. The only people you want to invite to your website or to a conference call are people that have expressed an interest in earning more money or like-minded others.  Do not invite anyone else at this point.
Using Integrated Economic principles and the Wealth Building format is so simple a child could do it.  If you can open your mouth and talk, and put forth persistent and determined effort, you will succeed as a Reality Networker and you will build a strong  team that can earn all of you more income. 
The more like-minded people you talk to or people that need or want to earn more money, the more money you earn.  In this Warehouse you will find effective methods and scripts that will help you accomplish your objective.
Assembling A Wealth Building Team Offline
Wealth Building is an income generating system that makes it possible for groups of individuals to earn money collectively as a team; whereby, team members actively help each other earn more money.  This can be done online or offline. 
Wealth Building is specifically designed to develop part time and secondary income streams by involving like-minded others in collective enterprises.  You can develop a collective enterprise without the Internet.  The Internet or the worldwide web makes it possibe for you to have team members from anywhere in the world.
In the early stages of assembling a Wealth Building team, it is far easier and less expensive to assemble your team offline than trying to develop a local, regional, national, or international team online.  Working online requires skill, knowledge and experience that you might not have right now.  In most cases, getting started offline only requires an investment of time and effort. 
Whether you build wealth online or off, it is far easier and simpler to work as a team.  When you work as a team, you can compensate for each other's weaknesses and fortify each other's strengths.  Thus, the team, as unit, becomes stronger.  When you work as team, every member of the team is their brother's or sister's keeper. 
As great a basketball player as Michael Jordan was for the Chicago Bulls, he never won any games by himself.  Even the great ones need others working with them to insure the success of the entire team.  Similarly, you need others working with you in order to play in and win the money game. 
You are in the money game whether you want to play or not, and in this game winning or losing is everything.  When it comes to the "Money Game" there are only two types of people DOERS and DUDS
The DOERS are generally the winners and the DUDS are generally the losers.  The DOERS do more, have more, and get more out of life than the average DUD. 
It's unfortunate, but, the vast majority of people will lose in the "Money Game" of life.  Even though money is not everything, it is an important factor in your life, whether you want to admit it or not.  Therefore, a better system was needed so that the vast majority would have a better chance to acquire more of it. 
Losing in the "Money Game" can create all kinds of psychological, emotional, and in some cases; physical problems.  Sometimes people need reminding that money keeps the lights on, the roof over their heads, food tables, gas in the cars, clothes on their backs, teachers in schools, cops on the streets, and a military force to protect them.
Just like Michael Jordan can't win championships by himself, you can't win in the money game by yourself.  Don't let anyone mislead you, and don't mislead yourself.  Any time you want to earn an enormous amount of  money, you are really talking about benefitting from the efforts of other people.  As matter of fact, you are benefitting from the efforts of other people right now.  Try making your own light bulb, zipper, or keys.
As a wealth builder, a good portion of your income comes from the efforts of other like-minded people.  You earn income from every thing your team does, as well as, the team working directly with you. 
As more people get tired of being broke week after week, or come to the realization they need to earn more money, they will gradually begin to adopt your mind-set.  When this happens, your team will begin to grow as long as you continue to grow and develop.  As your team grows in size, your income will go higher and higher, even though the amount of work you personally do remains the same.
You see, there are only so many hours in a day.  Thus, one person or even two people can only do so much.  This is a hard core reality of life.  When you are out there by yourself, if your income stops or drops, your lifestyle suffers.  When you are out of money in an industrialized society, your life can virtually become unbearable; especially, if you are accustomed to having.  Earning a percentage of the efforts of 100 wealth builders can boost your personal income whether you are employed or not.
Do you realize there are millions of people paying good money in union dues, just to have the union fight for a 6% increase in pay or employment security?  This is considered good in the employment market where most of the people you know are working right now.  Unfortunately, this is not how huge incomes are earned. 
J. Paul Getty, the famous oil billionaire in his book, "How to be a Successful Executive" said, "it is better to earn 1% from the efforts of a 100 people, than 100% of my own."
When you have other wealth builders or like-minded others helping you, it's like earning interest on money in the bank.  Remember, in the information bin on Why You Need to Earn More Money, it takes over $250,000.00 after tax dollars saved in a bank, at 5% interest to earn $1,139.00 a month. 
Offline, earning money as a wealth builder is a very simple process.  All you have to do is open your mouth and talk to like-minded people you know in town or community. Talking is something you do all the time.
Wealth Building takes the same teamwork format that works so well to championships, erect skyscrapers, create services, and manufacture products and applies it to earning money.  This format makes it much easier to increase your income without leaving your current employment.  Wealth Building also makes it easier for you to attract others that are conscious of their need to earn as much money as possible.
When it comes to assembling your team, you are looking for people that have 3 basic characteristics.  You want to surround yourself with people that are:
  • Teachable. (This means they are willing to learn from others.)
  • Concerned about their future. (This means they are willing to change in order to accomplish their objectives.)
  • Capable of following directions. (This means they can act on what they learn.)
If you know anyone at least 21 years old, or older that has these 3 basic characteristics, he/she is a potential member for you Wealth Building team.  If he/she doesn't have these basic characteristics, and he/she is willing to improve, that person still qualifies as a candidate.  With enough desire, persistence, determination, and reasonable intelligence, anyone can change his/her life and mind-set for the better. 
You assemble your team by opening your mouth, talking to like-minded people, sharing information, and asking questions.  What do you talk about?  "Earning more money, or improving an existing lifestyle, financial security, or getting out of debt". 
What is the information you are sharing?  "How to accomplish your objective by using an income opportunity/ies"What questions do you ask?   "Are you interested in paying off your bills?"  "Earning more money?" "Improving your lifestyle?" 
You:  "If I could show you a way that will_______________,   would you check it out and give me your honest opinion?"  {WFA}
If the person says yes, send him/her to your website, or invite him/her to a conference call.  Now, how hard can this be?   
Assembling A Wealth Building Team Online
The vast majority of the information in this Warehouse will help you assemble a Wealth Building team offline.  Working offline is simpler and less expensive for the vast majority.  Assembling a Wealth Building team online is not as easy as doing it offline. 
Offline, all you have to do is open your mouth and talk.  Online, you will need more skill.  It is not easy building a relationship online.  Because of this reality, the only way to succeed online is to advertise heavily.  Your objective is to develop multiple income streams and do it in the shortest possible peiod of time.  Working with others will accomplish this.
To accomplish you objective online, you absolutely and positively must advertise.  Whether, it's a banner, blog, clickthru, e-mail, ezine, pay-per-click, pop up, pop under, pop over, text ad, website, traffic exchange, or classified, you have only a few seconds to grab your reader's attention so that he/she will read your message.  Your advertising must be creative, exciting, and provocative.
In addition, don't forget these modern day realities of online advertising:
1.  Regardless of how good your ad or website is, spam filters can block your email ads and pop swatters can eliminate all your pop category ads. 
2.  You will need to use as many advertising sources as possible.  This topic has already been covered in How To Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly, and there is more information that will help you in Online Assets You Will Need.
Why Choose Wealth Building?
Why choose Wealth Building is a good question.  Here's why.  Becoming a wealth builder is the easiest, least expensive, and the best venue to take if you want to increase your income in the shortest possible period of time.  Wealth Building has the broadest possible appeal to the vast majority of working men and women.  This makes it much easier to find people that are not only willing, but capable of joining your team.
Wealth Building is a process practically anyone can do successfully and earn far more money than a PH. D, doctor, lawyer, engineer, or a small business owner. 
Remember:  You must have continous income in order to maintain your lifestyle and quality of life.  If you don't choose Wealth Building, what is your alternative? Take a minute and really think about this.  What really is your alternative if you don't actively participate in Wealth Building? 
1.  You could spend the rest of your life trying to hopelessly save a million dollars so you won't have to work forever.
2.  You could continue playing the lottery and hope fate sends good fortune your way.  Afterall, people do win lotteries and sweepstakes. 
3.  You could resign yourself to a lifetime of toil and labor and die broke like 95% of working men and women. 
4.  You could live a life of pure fantasy, or you could continue getting more education, just to end up selling your time and service to another buyer/employer, and still die broke.
Collective activity always accomplishes more, produces more, creates more excitement and generates better results than individual effort alone.  Even though collective activity involves individual effort on a fundamental level, it creates greater volume and more productivity because it adds the effort of everyone together. 
Collective activity develops income and income streams much more rapidly.  As an individual team member, your purpose is to earn more money.  Your team members have the same purspose.  Because your entire team is of a like mind and purpose, your collective energy is multiplied and more narrowly focused.  Thus, achieving results in shorter periods of time.
Choosing to build wealth by working with like-minded others increases your overall earning capacity and personal effectiveness.  While you are working during the day, other members of your team are working on your behalf to increase your income.
When you are not actively engaged in regular employment and have other duties or responsibilities, team members are still working on your behalf.  As a reult of this collective activity, you are still earning money, even though you are not actively involved on a daily basis.  When they are working or involved in other activities and you are free to actively engage in Wealth Building, then your efforts benefit your team.
On days your entire team is actively engaged in Wealth Building, income for the entire group increases dramatically.  Because earning money is an ongoing process, whether you are actively involved or not, more time is actually spent earning more money and developing income streams from a collective point of view. 
Members of your team, are also actively involved in building their own teams. Since time is a major factor, the more people you have, and your team members have actively working to accomplish the same goal, the sooner that goal is reached.
Wealth Building is also an organized system designed to move you up the ladder of financial sophistication. Start with simple easy to understand opportunities, then move on to those that require more time and higher levels of personal commitment. 
When you move, your entire team moves with you.  The more time and effort you put into assembling your team and learning about your product/s and/service/s, the more money you earn.  The more people you actually talk to about your product/s and/or service/s the more money you earn.
Finally, choosing Wealth Building as the method to build income streams produces far more income than being employed in 2 full time occupations,  Wealth Building will even out perform most investment potfolios, with greater degrees of control and at lower personal risk.  Combining Wealth Building with investments is an unbeatable combination for long term financial security.  For the vast majority, this is the only way to truly win in the "Money Game".
Why Does Wealth Building Works So Well?
The reason why Wealth Building opportunities work, when so many others fail is because the opportunities you offer are market general, rather than market specific.  When manufacturers develop a product, or a business develops a service, they are doing it to a appeal to a group of people that may have a need for the product or service.
Market General means the product or service can and should appeal is to anyone.  These products include automobiles, gas, oil, toothpaste, deoderant, light bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaners, napkins, towels, wash cloths, irons, combs, brushes and shampoos.
Market General also includes utilities like electricity and water.  Universally accepted product and services like telephones and telephone services; as well as, necessities of life like food products, clothing and shelter. This category also includes popular iterms like VCRs, DVDs, shoes, socks, underwear,  appliances, pots, pans, garbage cans, pens, paper, pencils and dishes are just a few of the thousands of Market General products and services that exist.
Market Specific means the product or service appeals to a particular consumer group or industry like television manufacturers; as well as, professions or occupations.  These products and services include healthcare supplies, equipment and services; law enforcement equipment, supplies and services, diet products and services, yachts, boats, planes, jets, tents, mountain climbing, scuba diving, rodeo, entertainment equipment, horse trailers, and water or snow skis.  Even though this category is not as broad as Market General, there are thousands of products and services in this category also.
Wealth Building products or services work best when they are centered around everyday usability for the vast majority or broadest possible market appeal.  For instance, no matter what you are doing to earn a living, you still nead to eat.  No matter what kind of car or truck you drive, it still needs fuel, oil, and periodic maintenance.  No matter how much education you have or don't have, you still need shoes, socks and clothes. 
It doesn't matter where you are on the social ladder, you still need to bathe and keep your clothes clean.  Regardless of your race, creed or national origin, you still need somewhere to live.  Whether you are 18 or 80, you may still need a telephone to communicate with others.
If your friends or neighbors knew they could buy products or services and get paid, don't you think they would want to hear about?  This opportunity is InboxDollar$
How many people do you know that are paying for internet access?  If these people knew they could get paid for going online, don't you think people would want to know about it?  This income opportunity is Cognigen Networks, Inc. 
Don't you think  your friends or neighbors would like to know how to get paid $200.00 for entertaining themselves?  This income opportunity is VMC Satellite.
I know I would appreciate it; especially, if I am struggling to make ends meet, or need additional income. 
If Wealth Building Works So Well, Why Aren't More People Involved?  This is another good question:  Return to Why You Need to Earn More MoneyDo you remember when we talked about people who have grown accustomed to living in mediocrity, poverty, and fantasy?  You don't remember that pretentious people and phony people would rather live a lie than enjoy a life of real abundance?  Have you forgotten about lazy people and gamers, who just want to get by, or talk, and do nothing?
Have you forgotten about the people that are filled with doubts and fear; or those whose fear of lost is far greater than their desire for gain?  Have you forgotten about the millions of Dysfunctional Thinkers?  
There is nothing you can offer, or can do for these people that will persuade them to act if one of the following mentalities is present or true....
  • They have all the money they need.....
  • They're not interested in earning more money......
  • They can't go to people they know with this.....
  • They are more concerned about their image, than their bank account..
  • They have too much sophistication, breeding, or heritage....
  • They have far too much education, or status in their community...
  • They don't need any help from you or anybody else...
  • They are not willing to help themselves...
  • They would rather go on public assistance....
  • Earning more money, means paying more taxes....
  • They don't need money....
  • They have given up on life, and death is imminent...
  • These are the last days, the Apocalyse and Armaggedon is near....
  • Earning more money than you need is sinful....
  • They don't have the time to earn any more money....
  • They are working on their own moneymaking plan....
  • They don't want to beg for a living....
  • They want an easier opportunity so they can get-rich-quick.....
  • They work for the government.....
  • They would rather work 2 or 3 jobs....
  • They are convinced they are going to win a sweepstakes or the lottery...
  • They would rather be involved in criminal activity....

Then there is the insidious "Welfare Mentality" that is also prevalent in the Dysfunctional Thinking Community.  The "Welfare Mentality" is a psychological affliction of dependence on government.  These people actually believe the Democrat or Republican party, or someone in Washington DC will find a way to take care of them, therefore all they have to do is wait. 

Then there are people with emotional problems and psychological problems, and don't forget all the deadbeats, and DUDS.  We also hope you haven't forgotten about all those people in America and elsewhere, that have limited mentalities, or closed or narrow minds.  These character traits automatically restrict earning potential. 

Then there are others that don't realize having money in abundance allows them to enjoy life more, and it can give them the means to help family members; as well as, people in their community.  Whether they help them or not is a personal decision. 

The people that are struggling to survive on their salaries or wages are seldom able to help anyone, including themselves.  While the desire or intent to help others may be present, the financial ability to follow through is rarely there; and far too often, the financial ability to help others is never there.

Then there are those people that firmly believe they are not the sales or marketing type.  Still others believe they must have business training and expertise.  Some feel they have lifestyle limitations, others feel their circumstances will prevent them from being successful.  Some believe because their car is old, they are new to a community, don't know very many people, or they can't participate in Wealth Building because they are broke, out of money and out of luck.

Finally, the vast majority of people confuse sales consulting; which is no more than just talking about and explaining a product or service, with begging, peddling, or soliciting, which they sincerely feel and believe is beneath them

Because of this mental confusion, thousand of people in dire need of additional income, fail to take advantage of income opportunities that could improve their financial situation. 

Your Future As A Wealth Builder
Now that you have a better understanding of why you need more money, the importance of building a team, and the basic philosophy that developed the Wealth Building format, let's proceed toward the future.  Afterall, this is where you will spend the rest of your life, literally and figuratively.
Your future as a wealth builder, begins and ends with you.  Wealth Building does not secure your future.  You do that.  Wealth Building is only a term that describes what you are doing.  It is a method or means to achieve your financial objectives.  Your future success depends heavily on how well you manage your time, talents, abilities and skills.
IMG.Ws can't manage your personal attributes, or assets for you.  However, your future will be whatever you are willing to work at and accomplish.  All we can do is help you earn more money in an organized and systematic way.  Anything beyond that is totally up to you.  Until you earn the additional income you need, IMG.Ws will work with you night and day if necessary. 
It's an old saying and it's true:  You can lead the horse to the water, but you can't make him drink.  And...You can't help people who are not willing to help themselves.  As long as you are willing to help yourself and drink from the well of prosperity, IMG.Ws will be there for you and with you.  We promise not to give up on you, until you give up on yourself.  Other than that, the future looks promising.
We welcome you to share this future with us.  The next stop on your journey to real prosperity is the actual solution to your money problem.  There are only 3 factors that separate you from earning more money.
1.  Yourself:  (This is the physical factor which involves movement, action, and managing activity.  What brings members to your team is your activity.)
2.  Your Attitude:  (This is the psychological factor which involves how you mentally process information and arrive at decisions or conclusions.  Your thinking and disposition will determine what you physically do, or don't do.)
3.  A Means To The Money:  (This is the income generating factor which may involve the sale of your time to an employer, or yourself, or taking advantage of an income opportunity.) 

For the vast majority that are not already in business for themselves, the "Means To The Money" involves the sale of their time to a buyer that is in an established business, profession, trade, institution.  If you are currently indigent, it's a government or charity sponsored program. 

The buyer/employer sets the rate he/she will pay for your time and service.  This payment can be a flat fee, hourly rate, monthly subsidy, salary, or allocation.  To supplement your current income you have chosen to participate in an opportunity, become an IMG.Ws Associate, and work toward a better and more secure financial future.  

Why Waiting Or Procrastination Impacts Your Earnings
Waiting or procrastinating impacts your potential earnings because of this simple reason:  The vast majority of the people you meet are screwed up mentally (Dysfunctional Thinkers).  And..  You can't straighten them out.  This means there are only a limited number of intelligent people (Empirical Thinkers) who can understand, act on an income opportunity and help you, and themselves build a second income.
If you delay or procrastinate too long, these good people will be on someone else's team and not yours.  Your team is only as good as its members.  Your position in the overall marketing mix is determined by how soon you join. 
There is a reason for this:  There is a mathematical limitation as to how many people can take advantage of anything; especially, if you are not dealing with a basic consumable that people will purchase over and over again like food, gasoline, electricity, and water service.  Building teams will eat up your sponsoring or recruiting markets real fast. 
If you take too long, all the people you could have had on your team will be gone or working with someone or something else.  This leaves you with a bunch of lazy people you have to sift through just to find 2 team members that might work with you, without you begging, pleading, or figuratively beating them over the head.
Then too, you are not getting any younger.  Each day turns into tomorrow whether you like it or not.  You are getting older, and the longer you live, the closer you get to the "Grim Reaper" and the grave This is a fact of life.  Therefore, you have a choice, you can start assembling a Wealth Building team, or not at all.  You can live your life to the fullest now...or not at all.
Manage your spare time wisely.  Don't waste time in unproductive pursuits.  Plan your work and work your plan.  The cost of living is still going up.  The longer you wait to get started the more difficult it becomes to start.  Don't waste your opportunity by waiting or procrastinating, unless it is absolutely necessary to meet or change a condition or circumstance.
Remind yourself constantly to do it now.  Make it happen now.  Enjoy life now.  Do it now while you still can.  Afterall, you have billions upon billions of years to rest.  Your life on planet earth is extremely short, when compared to a geological time line.  Rekindle the flame that once  burned within you to achieve your dream.  Rekindled it now before your time runs out and your flame is extinguished for all eternity.

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